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Food Menu

All of our foods are hand-crafted from the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients - real food, simply delicious.

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Amazing drinks from around the world. Handcrafted beverages to discover and enjoy. We love bringing you these things.

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Our new ads celebrate the tiny euphoric moments we all enjoy as a result of ordering takeaway.Thanks for visiting us..

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All Menu List


  • Vegetarian Starters

Methi Gota
Fresh fenugreek gram flour dumplings. £4.50
Bateta Wada
Mashed potato fried dumplings. £4.50
Vegetable Samosa
Deep fried pastry with vegetable filling. £3.50
Spring Roll
Deep fried minced vegetables wrapped in a pancake. £3.50
Samosa Chaat
Desi mix of pastry with yoghurt and spices. £4.50
Chilli Garlic Mogo / Masala Mogo
Cassava boiled, fried or tossed in special sauce. £5.00
Cinnamon’s Cheese Mogo
Chef’s house special. £5.50
Crispy Bhajia
Potato slices coated with gram flour and spices. £4.50
Crispy Bhindi
Dry crispy okra fried with corn flour and herbs. £4.50
Onion Bhajia
Onion rings fried with gram flour and herbs. £4.95
Hariyali Tikki
Stuffed mashed vegetable pastry. £5.95
Chilli Paneer
Deep fried paneer cooked with pepper, onion and chilli. £5.00
Paneer Tikka
Paneer chunks marinated in Indian masala. £5.00
Dry Salt Paneer
Paneer seasoned with asafoetida. £5.00
Tree’s Treasure Veg
Paneer, sweet corn, potato and mushroom tossed with Szechwan sauce. £5.95
Chilli Garlic Mushroom
Button mushrooms tossed in chilli garlic sauce. £4.50
Vegetarian Manchurian
Deep fried vegetable balls in soy sauce. £5.00
Crispy Chilli Vegetables
A mix of broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn and mushroom batter fried and tossed with salt and pepper. £5.00
Cinnamon’s Veg Platter
Assortment of Bateta Wada / Samosa / Spring Roll / Kachori / Onion Bhaji / Crispy Bhajia. £10.00


  • Vegetarian Main

Mixed Veg Curry
Seasonal vegetables cooked with tomato gravy. £5.50
Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked with medium spices. £5.50
Baingan Bharta
Aubergine cooked with Indian spices in a tandoor. £5.50
Channa Masala
Chick peas cooked in special gravy with Indian spices. £5.50
Bombay Aloo
Baby potatoes cooked in gravy. £5.50
Aloo Methi
Fresh fenugreek and potato in masala gravy. £5.50
Sweet Corn Methi
Fresh fenugreek and sweet corn cooked with Indian spices. £5.50
Mushroom Masala
Button mushrooms cooked with spices. £5.50
Tarka Dal
Yellow lentils cooked with cumin and garlic. £5.50
Dal Makhani
Black lentils cooked with tomato, cream and butter. £5.50
Masuri Dal
A mixture of three lentils cooked with butter, ginger and garlic. £5.50
Manchurian Curry
Mix vegetable dumplings cooked in manchurian gravy. £5.50
Paneer Tikka Masala
Paneer cooked in rich creamy tomato gravy. £5.50
Kadai Paneer
Paneer cooked in kadai gravy. £5.50
Palak Paneer
Spinach leaves and paneer cooked in medium gravy. £5.50


  • Non-Veg Starters

Tandoori Chicken Wings
Marinated chicken wings cooked in a tandoor. £6.00
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken wings marinated with Chinese sauce. £6.00
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken pieces marinated with yoghurt and Indian spices. £6.00
Chilli Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked with green chilli, capsicum and onion. £6.00
Chinese Chicken Wings
Battered, fried chicken wings topped with spicy Chinese sauce. £6.50
Chicken Szechwan
Chicken cooked in Szechwan sauce and herbs. £6.50
Chicken Poppers
Chicken pieces cooked with Chinese sauce. £6.50
Jeera / Mari Chicken
Chicken cooked in spicy black pepper/cumin sauce. £6.50
Kohliwada Chicken (Half)
Tandoori chicken marinated and cooked in a clay oven. £7.50
Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb cooked in a tandoor. £5.50
Lamb Tikka
Marinated lamb fillet cooked in a tandoor. £5.50
Lamb Chops
On the bone lamb cooked in a tandoor. £5.50
Chilli Lamb
Strips of lamb cooked in the chef’s special sauce. £5.50
Cinnamon’s Mixed Grill
Assortment of Chicken Tikka / Lamb Chops / Lamb Tikka / Chicken Wings / Sheek Kebab. £12.50
Lamb Chicken
Fish Hyderabadi
Tilapia fillet cooked in a tandoor with Indian spices. £7.50
Chilli Fish
Tilapia fish in spicy gravy. £7.50
Fish Shashlik
Tilapia fish cooked with special spicy gravy. £7.50
King Prawn Tandoori
Marinated king prawns cooked in a tandoor. £9.50
Chilli Garlic Prawns
King prawns tossed in spicy chilli soy sauce. £9.50
Cinnamon’s Fish & Prawns Platter
Tilapia fish and king prawns tossed with Oriental spices. £13.50


  • Non-Vegetarian Main

Murg Masala
On the bone chicken cooked in a special gravy. £6.50
Chicken Kadai
Boneless chicken cooked in a traditional kadai with fresh herbs and spices. £6.50
Butter Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked in a creamy curry. £6.50
Chicken Tikka Masala
Tandoori chicken cooked in cashew nut, coconut cream and tomato gravy. £6.50
Chicken Jalfrezi
Boneless chicken cooked with onion, capsicum and tomato with Indian spices. £6.50
Chicken Korma
Boneless chicken cooked in mild cashew nut, almond and coconut gravy. £6.50
Chilli Chicken with Gravy
Chicken cooked with green chilli and mild cashew nut. £6.50
Methi Chicken
Boneless chicken pieces cooked with fenugreek leaves, onion, garlic, ginger, herbs and spices in a thick gravy. £6.50
Gosht Masala
On the bone lamb cooked in chef’s special gravy. £7.00
Kadai Lamb
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with tomato and Indian spices. £7.00
Lamb Jalfrezi
Boneless lamb cooked with onion, capsicum and tomato with Indian spices. £7.00
Lamb Keema
Minced lamb cooked with Indian spices. £7.00
Lamb Chicken
Fish Curry
Fried fish cooked in Indian gravy. £7.00
Prawn Masala
Prawns cooked with Indian spices. £8.00
Egg Curry
Boiled eggs cooked in the chef’s special gravy. £6.50


    1. Accompaniments

    Raita / Plain Yoghurt £2.00
    Fried Papad / Roasted Papad (2 pieces) £2.00
    Masala Papad (1 piece) £1.50
    Onion Salad £2.50
    Green Salad £3.00
    • Noodles

    Singapore Noodles
    Rice noodles cooked with chilli and vegetables. £6.00
    Mixed Veg Hakka Noodles
    Noodles mixed with spring onion, capsicum and Indian spices.
    Chicken Hakka Noodles
    Chicken and noodles cooked in Chinese spices. £6.00


    Tandoori Roti £1.50
    Plain / Butter Naan £1.50
    Garlic Naan / Chilli Naan £2.00
    Onion Naan £2.00
    Lachha Paratha £2.00
    Tandoori Paratha £2.00
    Peshwari Naan £2.00
    Cheese Naan £2.00
    • Rice

    Plain Rice £2.50
    Pilau Rice £2.50
    Jeera Rice / Lemon Rice £3.00
    Mushroom Fried Rice £3.00
    Egg Fried Rice £4.00
    Veg Fried Rice £3.50
    Schezwan Fried Rice (Veg/Non Veg) £4.50/£5.00
    Vegetable Biryani £6.00
    Chicken Biryani £6.50
    Lamb Biryani £7.00